Decoupling program behaviors pattern

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Hello guys, my name is Marcelo Mancini aka Hipreme/MrcSnm, I’m mainly a game developer and I have been coding a lot for open-source community.

Right now, what I just did is to help D language community, basically a program that is able to create bindings. Bindings, are a way to use code made in another language in a target language, right now, what I’m targetting is C++. An example binding can be seen at

So, this article says about making a plugin, but what does it mean?

What is a plugin

Plugin is some way to add a feature to a software without changing the software at all. Creating a plugin firstly requires an interface(a plug to insert your plugin). To create this interface, there is some things that you need to define…

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This repository was created because there was information mismatches when looking to the D-Lang official wiki to

The main differences is that I show how to get the official LDC build for your environment, how to set your variables on Linux and I discovered one problem that was missing a /lib after the lib-dirs in ldc2.conf

Install Android Studio and get NDK

This is a very simple tutorial on how to do it as it has an infinitude of tutorials on how to get NDK for android Get Android Studio at Finish installing it Go into the top right of your Android Studio IDE (taskbar) and search for SDK Manager Install the target SDK, currently the newest one is Android 10(Q), it is on "SDK Platforms" Selection Beside "SDK Platforms", it has "SDK Tools", click on it and select NDK, Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-Tools, Android SDK Build-Tools then click on OK On the Top of the window, it has where SDK is located, you can always check it again for reference After that, just remember where your ndk is…

Basic example of how to integrate your C Library with Lua

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Hello guys, I’ve been in some trouble getting to have a C Library working with love, so I want to archive how to do it: This tutorial is made mainly for Linux, but experienced users from windows will understand what to do

First things first, if you’re working on a linux environment, you will want to install Lua (which you’re probably using only from love), but it should not be any version, it must be the same Lua version used with **Love 11.3**, which is **Lua 5.1**, so execute the following command in your terminal

sudo apt-get install lua5.1-dev

Using this version is important, as I was reading, I felt that Lua changed how you exported C functions in every…



Game programmer, focused in trying to learn the most I can, aspiring D-lang programmer

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